Inspired by memory of marking each successful harvest, Richard Janson presented his first solo exhibition at the Albury Art Gallery in January 2013. This exhibition of photographic works featured evocative and sensual imageswhich prompts the viewer to reconsider consumption culture.
Blending contemporary cinematogrpahic and photographic practice, Janson draws inspiration from the works of Isaac Julien, Rosemary Laing and Peter Greenaway. Engaging with theatre lighting that creates an emotive ambience and colour drawn from ealry Baroque painters along with contemporary artists such as Anish Kapoor. This technique provides Janson with the opportunity to observe extreme detail and to produce as sense of awe in the viewer based on the sheer size of the works.
Bianca Acimovic, Visual Arts Coordinator Albury Art Gallery 2013.

Harvest Exhibition Catalogue (PDF)
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