Through the lens of photographic 'still-life' genre, Janson's works cover food, the food industry and scenarios from a remembered past.

The still life genre in photography was borrowed from a category originally ascribed to painting and in his work Janson literally paints with light. Through staging elaborate scenes and light settings Janson experiments with different lighting techniques. Whether it be candle light for Caravaggesque compositions, tungsten lighting with Fresnel lenses for 1950s & 60's dioramas, mimicked Kodak and Ilford film hues for tones and lighting or using ultra violet light to make a Depression (radium) glass fruit bowl glow green in the dark, Janson creates these scenarios on a stage in front of the camera.

A British migrant, Janson remembers the scarcity of post-war England where oranges were wrapped in blue tissue to enhance their exotic colour and appeal amongst the drab local market produce. Arriving in a new sunny country full of abundance the apprehensive lens of immigration was overcome with wonder at the luxury of daily produce accepted as normal.

Janson aims to create visuals symbolic of this remembered wonder and amazement, now commonplace. Compositions of rich and varied food stuffs and floral arrangements alluding to both bounty and decay are displayed with periodical fine ornaments and centre-pieces reminiscent of times past.

Although the photographic practice is now digital in capture, its view is remains still through the lenses and glass of film cameras and principles.

Place In Time 1
Radium Green Glass Bowl with Green Fruit
Winters Carnival on YK Blue
Chamber Noir 2016
Beached 1 2017
Autumn Fruits with Quince & Medlars
Red - Chroma Series 2015

Night Cleaner - Factory Portraits 2013

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